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My conservative upbringing on Long Island, NY was shattered by my introduction to a larger world at Syracuse University. (Bachelor of Fine Arts; Painting and Design). A ten week trip through Europe between freshman and sophomore year did not help to calm the waters. Post graduation a year of working and living in New York city only spurred me on to join the cultural revolution going on in California in the late 1960’s. My California life included going back to school at Cal State LA for a teaching credential. I taught art for several years and then for ten years worked as a commercial artist. For fifteen years I lived and worked in an experimental community (Synanon) where I had great opportunity to be creative. Coming to live in Georgia, in 1992, I have been able to establish myself as a Fine Artist. This was my original intent before getting side tracked by life.

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Ever since I saw the work of the New York School of Abstract Art I have wanted to pursue the artistic directions that they proposed. Besides making my heart sing their work makes me wonder "what if" and finding the answer to that question is what spurs me to paint.

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