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Small moments in time, fascinate me – particularly those moments which are changing and may never be seen again. A row of mailboxes in a rural area, an old general store that time has passed by or a small fresh fish market adjacent to the ocean all fit this criteria.  Most of all, I love those moments which reveal a story that needs to be told such as a foggy Thanksgiving Day morning in the mountains or a calm marsh that is about to feel
the chaos of a storm blowing across it.


Usually, I choose to show these moments through watercolor paintings (with an occasional pastel, pencil drawing or scratch board). And perhaps I prefer watercolors because of the moments when the brush seems to move itself and allows the water and paint to collide on paper.


There is another reason that I paint. I strongly believe that each person has a God given creative ability and that they are responsible for finding and developing it. For me that inherent need is best expressed through the two dimensional mediums of painting and drawing. And while I will never be able to say I have fully mastered a subject or medium,
I have the satisfaction of knowing that every painting provides me a new moment of creative growth.

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