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H. Gay Allen is a former professional magazine editor, writer and photographer, who majored in art; mastered in public health; and has worked in scientific and healthcare arenas. She honed her computer skills by managing projects for IBM and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.) She was also a “stringer” (writer and photographer) for USA Today newspaper. She has won many placements and awards for her photography, both locally and nationally (Denver, New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.) and has been referred to as, “the driving force behind the emerging digital/computer art scene.” In 2013, she was selected to present her photography and give a talk to the Art Partners of the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA. She was juried into the Atlanta Maker Faire, Georgia Tech, celebrating those who innovate and create. She has published various original articles for the Museum of Computer Art, NY blog and was chosen for the 2010 Worldwide MOCANET- a listing of digital artists who, through their presence on the internet, meet the worldwide standards of The Museum of Computer Art for artistry, innovation in the use of digital technology and their individual web presence. She founded and chairs the Photography Salon of the Atlanta Artists Center. She has judged and/or currated many shows and conducts critiques and portfolio reviews on a regular basis. She is a popular speaker for art groups throughout the Southeast and recently had her work selected for display in the atrium of Hartsfield International Airport; and her work was selected the book, "Inspired Georgia," which is a project of  the Georgia Council for the Arts. See

About Gay...

Historically I have sought to push the edge of every artistic endeavor I have attempted, whether it was/is pottery, poetry, encaustics, painting, sculpture, fused glass or photography. I believe that is what art is….the seeking of new capabilities and discoveries, which may bring the challenges of defeat, but it also brings the thrill of victory…. and I do not believe that others can tell us which is which; it is a very personal matter, because in creating art we are creating self.

About my work...
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