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Maria Skrinjar was born in Novi Sad, Serbia and moved to New Haven, Connecticut when she was twenty. She studied Fine Arts and Design and received a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Southern Connecticut State University. She now resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and three children. Creating art is her true passion, and she enjoys painting and exploring with various styles and media.


All of Maria’s paintings are created to match the modern art stream. She is best known for her original contemporary paintings that include landscape, figure, floral and abstract designs. Her paintings are inspired by nature, human emotions, sensibility and reminiscence, and each painting has title that corresponds to the memory or sensible mood behind it.

About Maria...

Painting is my true passion and my way of escaping everyday life and entering new unexplored one. My paintings are a combination of careful planning and my personal feelings, emotions and experiences. I spontaneously choose colors, textures and alternate between thick and thin layers of paint creating a feeling that I want to share with the viewer and possibly awaken one’s own emotions, memories or experiences.

About my work...

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