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Karen was born and raised in Mississippi. She had no formal art training whatsoever. She married her high school sweetheart and raised two daughters. She sewed clothes, puppets, doll clothes, and decorated cakes - all self taught. Karen did not start painting until after a stroke left her unable to do her job of 25+ years. To say the least, she was LOST and did not know what to do. A friend at church asked if she would like to paint with a few others on Wednesday mornings. Karen says this woman was not a teacher, but rather someone God used to get her started doing something that she now loves to do.

About Karen...

I have painted pictures from my many trips to Israel, my daughter's assist dog, old barns, old churches, old houses, light houses, birds at the beach, and two of my three grandchildren. I paint pictures that pull me into them. I get lost or transported. I love paintings that tell a story and pull on my heart strings - paintings that people look at, then pass only to return to see something else in the painting.   


About my work...

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