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Susan is originally from Boston but grew up in Maryland not far from the DC area. She studied fine art and design in college and received a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of Florida. Susan now resides in Atlanta and is happy to be within driving distance of several beautiful coasts that give her limitless inspiration.

About Susan...

Having been strongly influenced by realism and impressionism my painting style is a combination of the two. My medium of choice is oil but my contemporary pieces are often acrylic.


My favorite subject matter combines land, water and sky. I am inspired by the graphic elements found in nature and the varying textures of these elements. The play of light across a scene is also especially intriguing to me. I interpret the colors of nature in my own way, encouraging them to be vibrant and sometimes unexpected.


Currently I seem to be enthralled by the images of marshes and have been focusing on these tranquil yet dramatic vistas.

About my work...

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