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When I was a child, people sat around the kitchen table, the back porch, even along the bayous and told their stories – not just to pass the time. Actually we were passing along history, connectiveness, and wisdom. That important part of my journey helped determine my philosophy about art. Art is about sharing too.  


From the cotton fields in Mississippi to Ohio State (majoring in English and Spanish education), I could hardly believe I’d be fortunate enough to teach and exchange stories with students each and every day! Thirty years and two Masters degrees later, I immediately found another classroom, this time at the Spruill Center.  

About Joan...

My love for story-telling is embedded in my images. I believe my acrylics, my charcoals and inks craft stories and contribute to a visual conversation.


My work has been in the Juried Spruill Gallery Show where I recently won The People’s Choice Award (2018), Honorable Mention (2016). My first painting at that show was purchased by the Spruill of the Arts Board of Directors (2013). In 2018 I won First Place in the DFAA Best of the Best Exhibit.

About my work...

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