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December 2023

The Dunwoody Fine Art Association (DFAA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to:


  • Promote fine art in the Dunwoody, GA area


  • Encourage its artists to exhibit their art


  • Support each other in their creativity and self-expression through lectures, critiques, workshops and exhibits



HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL.                                       The Editor

Direct inquiries to the DFAAnews editor:

Susan Gallo

Deadline for news items - 15th of each month

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December 7 - Holiday Luncheon, 11:30 

December 13 - Board Meeting, 10:00 zoom

December 20 - Open Paint/Create, 11:00 - 3

HELPFUL HINT --- Login is not necessary unless you want to view the member directory.


Dear DFAA Members,

The holidays can be very stressful for many people. There are so many forces competing for our time (and our money) that it can become overwhelming trying to keep up. So it makes sense that magazines are full of articles about how to de-stress the holidays or how to simplify your celebrations for greater enjoyment. Typically, they don’t contain any earth-shattering information that we haven’t already considered, but seeing the ideas presented with bullet points and alliteration gives one pause for a moment. Perhaps there really is some wisdom in there somewhere.


And sometimes on closer inspection, you might notice that the suggestions presented for holiday stress reduction can be applied more universally. Today, I came across a post ( entitled “How to Simplify the Holidays: Stress Less, Enjoy More”. The abbreviated list of holiday wisdom goes like this:

• Identify your priorities and prioritize them – decide what’s important to you
• Adjust your expectations – don’t expect perfection
• Focus on gratitude – notice and appreciate the positive
• Simplify your holiday traditions – keep only those that matter to you
• Be intentional in how you spend your time – do things that matter to you
• Simplify cooking and baking – sometimes less is more
• Simplify decorating – usually less is more
• Simplify gifts – a lesson for both givers and receivers – often less is more


I can think of a lot of places in my life where variations on those ideas are relevant. Certainly, our art practices could draw from some of the same wisdom: decide what’s important to you in your work; don’t expect perfection of yourself (or others); appreciate the positive; spend your time on things that matter to you; and very often less is more. I feel less stressed already.


Have a joyous holiday season (Stress Less, Enjoy More) and create joyfully!

Donna Barnhart

President, DFAA

Holiday Luncheon at La Petite Violette

Our DFAA members and their guests will be attending the 2023 Holiday Luncheon at La Petite Violette on Thursday, December 7th at 11:30am. We had a lot of fun and the food was fabulous last year. We are looking forward to another chance to celebrate the holiday season together!

DFAA Dues Payment - Updated Dates

Renewing DFAA dues turned into much too long of a process over the years. The time period has been updated. Please see below or open the Standing Rules & Procedures from the DIRECTORY page under the ARTISTS menu on our website. Renewal payments are now due January 1 - February 28.

DFAA Standing Rules and Procedures

A. As of May 1, 2023, dues and fees are payable from January 1st through February 28th in the full amount. New members who join DFAA September 1st or after will pay a reduced dues fee of $20.00 for the remainder of the calendar year. Membership runs on the calendar year January through December. The financial fiscal year also runs on the calendar year January through December.
1. Active - $55.00
2. Patron - $100.00
3. Sponsor - $200.00 and above
4. New member September 1st - December 31 - $20.00

B. Fees may be charged for club sponsored events and submissions for shows.

Please note there will be no meeting in December.

christmas tree.jpg

Feldman Law - January 2024, Pat Troxel

Edward Jones - Same day as Feldman, Sharon Weiss

Seasons Exhibition - Sandy Springs Library

The Seasons exhibit will hang until January 8, 2024.
Pick up will run from 1:00 - 3:00 on the 8th.
Any questions, contact Donna Fitzwater at

Best of the Best Juried Exhibition 

Our juried is now on display in the Dunwoody Library Hall Gallery (adjacent to Spruill Center for the Arts) The exhibit will run until Wednesday January 3, 2024. The six award winners are pictured below. Congrats!!!


Left to right: 1st Place "Caribbean Morning" Terri Henningson, 2nd Place "Moose" Harriet Perlstein, 3rd Place "Born for Joy" Joan Weiss.

Below: Honorable Mentions went to Anne Hall, Jenny Kalmin and Tim Minton

Thanks to Carol Santos    

Thanks for sharing your work and your journey with us at our November meeting.

Paying DFAA Dues from the Website    

Most of our members have mastered paying their dues from our website but a couple of people were not familiar with the process and it seems that Wix updated the windows too. The first window has changed recently and it doesn't appear to let you pay by credit card but follow my instructions below and you will be given a choice of payment methods. I have gone through the process using the membership renewal payment button.

Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 1.41.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 1.43.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 2.01.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 2.00.53 PM.png

1. Under the ARTISTS tab in our website select "Membership Payment". When you click on your payment selection a white box will open. Click on the black "Buy with PayPal" button, you do not have to use PayPal but you have to click on this black button to get to the payment area.

2. Next you will see the 2nd window that will open.
If you want to pay with a credit card click on
"+ Add debit or credit card" right above the dark blue bar. Ignore all the rest, and do not click on "Complete Purchase".

3. The 3rd window that will open is shown below. Click on the white bar at the bottom that says "Pay with Debit or Credit Card". Ignore all the rest.

4. Next you will be taken to the window where you will fill out your payment info and make your payment. (The entire window is not shown below.)

Hope this makes things a little clearer for members and prospective members!!!!!!!
Note to All Members    

If you are not currently represented in the little photo gallery on the ARTISTS page of our website and you would like to be - send a jpeg of one image of your work that I can add to the gallery and a link to your website if you have one. Send to:

carol santos.jpg
Happy Holidays to all of our members and their families!
DFAA Officers

President: Donna Barnhart

1st Vice President: Becky Bennett

2nd Vice President: Barbara Riordan

SecretaryLinda Brown

Treasurer: Karen Peay

DFAA Committee Chairpersons

Barn Paint Days: Janette Worley

EBlast Communications: Katie Carr

Hospitality: Linda Brown

Membership: Barbara Riordan

Newsletter Editor: Susan Gallo

Online Directory: Susan Gallo

Parliamentarian: TBD

Programs & Workshops: Becky Bennett

Printed Brochure: Tim Minton

Publicity: Sharon Weiss

Social Media: TBD

Webmaster: Susan Gallo

Exhibit Chairpersons

Art in the Park: TBD

Best of the Best: Joan Monroe

Dunwoody Library Hall: Joan Monroe

Edward Jones: Sharon Weiss

Feldman Law Offices: Pat Troxel

Sandy Springs Library Gallery: Donna Fitzwater

Sights & Insights 2023: Barbara Riordan & Joan Weiss

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