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March 2024

The Dunwoody Fine Art Association (DFAA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to:


  • Promote fine art in the Dunwoody, GA area


  • Encourage its artists to exhibit their art


  • Support each other in their creativity and self-expression through lectures, critiques, workshops and exhibits



An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.                                       James McNeill Whistler

Direct inquiries to the DFAAnews editor:

Susan Gallo

Deadline for news items - 15th of each month

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March 6 - Monthly Meeting, 9:30 

March 13 - Board Meeting, 10:00 zoom

March 20 - Open Paint/Create, 11:00 - 3

HELPFUL HINT --- Login is not necessary unless you want to view the member directory.


Dear DFAA Members,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers, past and present, who have made DFAA the organization it is today. At the moment, I am even more aware than usual of their contributions, as I continue my recovery from recent surgery. In my absence, there have been several members who have taken on additional responsibilities, and I am forever grateful for their consideration.


One thing that serving as a member of DFAA leadership has shown me: by giving more to the organization and its membership, I am getting more in return - more positive relationships, more artistic inspiration, more awareness of the value we create in the community. It may sound corny, but I wish that each of you could experience the rewards that come from serving our membership as a volunteer.


Also, our thoughts and prayers go out to Katie Carr, one of our newest volunteers, as she recovers from serious medical issues. Katie, we’re pulling for you.

Donna Barnhart

President, DFAA

Monarchs and Margaritas

DFAA artists will have an opportunity to sell artwork at

MONARCHS AND MARGARITAS The Dunwoody Nature Center annual fundraiser on Saturday, May 4.

Theme: nature
Subject matter: plants, animals or landscapes


The Dunwoody Nature Centers (DNC) is located at 5343 Roberts Drive, Dunwoody, GA 30338, 770-394-3322.

There is room for about 18 pieces of artwork hung on walls and display easels. 
The maximum size for artwork to be displayed on walls is 16” x 20”.  

The maximum size for artwork to be displayed on floor easels is 30” x 30”.

Submission process: Each paid-up DFAA member may submit up to two pieces of art for consideration. Dues are due February 29

The Nature Center will select one, two or none of the work. JPGs of the work should be sent to the following email address:
Submission period: March 5 - April 8, 2024

DNC will select the artwork for the sale.

DNC will notify the artists of the acceptance of their artwork by April 19, 2024.

DNC will process payments and remit 60% of the sale price to the artist.

DNC will be responsible for credit card fees from their 40%.

Note that the accepted JPGs may be used by the DNC and DFAA as publicity for the event.

March Presentation by Diane Houle

Always an art enthusiast, Diane restarted drawing and painting as a senior in 2002 in Chicago. From there she continued her art focus in Sacramento and in Georgia since 2018. She has absorbed styles and techniques from her travels, from self study and in membership in art groups, studios and shows, working mostly in watercolor, using plenty of color, and adding a little whimsy here and there. She is currently having fun with abstract collage and is doing a series of talks on Van Gogh.


DNC 2024 Monarchs and Margaritas Prospectus and Submission Form


Feldman Law - TBD, Pat Troxel

Edward Jones - TBD, Sharon Weiss

Dunwoody Library - Artist's Favorite    

Members also delivered work to the exhibit hallway next to the Dunwoody library on February 7th. Joan Monroe is also managing this venue. A few photos of the work displayed appear below.

Shallowford Annex Installation    

Some of our members dropped off work at the Shallowford Annex on January 30th for a new exhibit in the main room. Joan Monroe is in charge of this installation. The first changeout will be March 26th 10-12.

To Our Members    

Thanks to those who paid their dues on time. You will continue to be elligible to participate in DFAA events including submitting your work to hang in exhibits. 

Thanks to Fox Carlson    

Our group enjoyed hearing the personal story of our February presenter and his process of organization. You have inspired some of us to try our hands at collage!


Do you enjoy reading about what other DFAA members are up to? Then please share your art news with the editor. No news was shared this month.

DFAA Officers

President: Donna Barnhart

1st Vice President: Becky Bennett

2nd Vice President: Barbara Riordan

SecretaryLinda Brown

Treasurer: Karen Peay

DFAA Committee Chairpersons

Barn Paint Days: Janette Worley

EBlast Communications: Katie Carr

Hospitality: Linda Brown

Membership: Barbara Riordan

Newsletter Editor: Susan Gallo

Online Directory: Susan Gallo

Parliamentarian: TBD

Programs & Workshops: Becky Bennett

Printed Brochure: Tim Minton

Publicity: Sharon Weiss

Social Media: TBD

Webmaster: Susan Gallo

Exhibit Chairpersons

Art in the Park: TBD

Best of the Best: Joan Monroe

Dunwoody Library Hall: Joan Monroe

Edward Jones: Sharon Weiss

Feldman Law Offices: Pat Troxel

Sandy Springs Library Gallery: Donna Fitzwater

Sights & Insights 2023: Barbara Riordan & Joan Weiss

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