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After a fifty year hiatus Beth had the opportunity to resume taking art classes that she first enjoyed at the University of Michigan. During the hiatus she taught school, earned a PH.D, worked as a School Psychologist, and a Marriage & Family Therapist. Beth and her husband raised two sons, lived in Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina. They moved to Atlanta in 2011. In NC she lived in an area rich in fiber art and learned to quilt. Traditional quilting quickly morphed into art quilting including fabric collage. In 2014 Beth discovered Spruill Center for the Arts and began taking classes again.

About Beth...

I’ve always had a quest for learning and new experiences. In the art world this has translated into my exploration of different mediums from fiber to collage. My work has been in the juried Spruill Gallery shows where I won best student for a collage (2017) and in an Atlanta Collage Society show where I won an honorable mention (2018). In 2015 a fiber collage won peoples choice and special award for best use of mixed media in the Southeast Fiber Art Alliance Square Foot show.

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