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Tim doesn't really care to elaborate on his background - no formal training, fumbling through each new medium with just an inner desire to see and show the art in his world.
He can remember in second grade being instructed to fingerpaint a picture as the music made him feel. He painted the music. Later that day the principal and Tim's teacher had a special meeting to have him explain it, they seemed quite concerned. After Tim pointed out the colorful splashes of notes, the waves of the chords, the crescendo, the lulls and breaks, they were very relieved. "I think it was getting their reactions or feelings from my art that enthralled me." It was then he knew he loved art in any medium. Tim continues to apply an artistic touch to everything he can.

About Tim...

I have always enjoyed finding art in every thing I see! Photography is yet another passion of mine. It is future fodder for other mediums and it is fun to capture beautiful moments. In the past year through Gurushots.com some of my pix have been on display in shows in Madrid, Israel, Greece and Ukraine. I hope to share more of them this year with DFAA!

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