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Sights & Insights Exhibition 2018

The Sights & Insights opening drew a great crowd at City Gallery at Chastain on Friday, June 15th. The exhibit is beautiful. And the reception was quite an event for us. We want to thank all our volunteers especially the organizing committee led by Barbara Riordan and Barbara Flexner, also Diana Dice, Karen Peay and yours truly...Sue Gallo. Special thanks to our hanging committee led by Judy Carr and Mary Corbitt and our dropoff/pickup committee. A great big thank you to Alma Kadri and Karen Lowe from City Gallery at Chastain for partnering with us and giving us a beautiful space for the work and to Yu-Kai Lin for judging.

DFAA President Diana Dice and Juror Yu-Kai Lin of Kai Lin Art

1st Place - "Christ the King", Susan Monroe

2nd Place - "Prelude III", Sabre Esler

3rd Place - "Washing Dishes", E. Richard Clark

HM - "Pink Jacket", Fran Milner

HM - "The Mermaid's Tail", Diana Dice

HM - "Moopsie", Rachel Ballard

All of the accepted work is shown below.

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