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Second Glance Exhibit

Eric Bowles and Margaret Gallagher put together a collaboration between DFAA artists and the Georgia Nature Photographers Assoc. On January 22nd Eric led a workshop where DFAA artists created artwork based on the GNPA photos. This collaboration between GNPA and DFAA resulted in an exhibit of the work hosted by Berkshire Hathaway at 5481 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Suite 850, Dunwoody. The exhibit, "Second Glance", will run until March 11th. The opening reception was on February 6th from 5-6:30pm when three People’s Choice Awards were chosen for painting, photo and pairing.

Thanks to Eric Bowles for taking photos of all the finished pairings. Congratulations to artist Laurenthia Mesh and photographer Jerry Black on the winning pairing, painting and photo.

Laurenthia Mesh and Jerry Black.

DFAA President Sara Hendrix, Margaret Gallagher and Laurenthia Mesh.

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