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Etsy Artist Market Sales - Fall 2020

DFAA collaborated with the Dunwoody Nature Center on an Etsy shop that was the concept of DFAA artist Sharon Weiss. DFAA artists Sharon Weiss and Susan Gallo designed and set up the shop then Sharon managed it and helped with the fulfillment of sales. The shop opened on October 1st 2020 and ran through January 2021. The theme of the artwork was nature and the price cap for all pieces was $300.00. We are happy to report that there were 26 sales during that time. A portion of each sale was donated to the Nature Center. The Nature Center project participants were Debbie Griffin, Director of Development, and Charles McLaughlin, Marketing. We look forward to partnering with another non-profit next year for another fundraising opportunity. Thanks to all who participated and special thanks to those who found pieces they couldn't live without.

Beth Berghoff "Ikebana I"

Sharon Weiss "Big Sur"

Tami Huey "Sunflower"

Terri Henningson "Little Bird"

Surin Jung "Tulip Fields"

Susan Anderson "Calm and Mighty I"

Susan Anderson "Calm and Mighty II"

Pam Wetzel "Pink Poppy Fantasy"

Pam Wetzel "Jill's Iris"

Pam Wetzel "French Poppy Field"

Pat Webster "The Bridge"

Pat Webster "Toccoa River"

Nancy Phillips "Elder Tree"

Nanci Relf "Koala Colony I"

Mary Corbitt "Zinnias"

Joan Weiss "Japanese Bough with Cherry Blossoms"

Joan Weiss "Time to Receive Your Wings"

Joan Weiss "Counterpoint"

Joan Weiss "Morning Blooms"

Claudia Botwin "Landscape Study No. 10"

Adrienne Zinn "Super Starling"

Barbara Riordan "Nature Walk"

Barbara Riordan "Mountain Retreat"

Barbara Flexner "Autumn Celebration"

Barbara Flexner "Beach Scene"

Betsy Cozine "Blue Waters II"

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